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What is included in the purchase and download of a template from ProMedTemplates.com?

After completing you purchase you will receive an email with confirmation and the link to where you can download your .zip file. The .zip file contains the following:You get all the Photoshop (PSD) files associated with that particular template. In most cases it includes 2 PSD files, one for the home page and one for the inside page layouts. It also includes a full CSS/XHTML build of all the pages included on the navigation,  JavaScript files if used in the functionality or on other effects, and the font files. You will need unzipping software to open the .zip archive. Windows users may visit www.HotScripts.com or www.WinZip.com. Mac users may visit www.StuffIt.com.

What formats are your templates available in?

Website templates are available in Photoshop and HTML formats. Fonts are included with Photoshop file. In most templates HTML is compatible with Adobe® GoLive®, Macromedia Dreamweaver® and Microsoft Frontpage®.

What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the templates?

You may: Build a website using the template in any way you like.
You may not:Resell or redistribute templates (like we do).Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of content providing companies and individuals. Make more than one project using the same template (you have to purchase the same template once more in order to make another project with the same design).

What is the difference between a unique price and template price purchase?

Unique Price
Templates sold at a "Unique Price" will guaranty that this template will no longer be sold and that you will be the last person to buy this template from us. It means that other customers may have already purchased this template and that you would be the last. Only you and the people who bought the template before will own it. If the template is sold at this price it will be permanently removed from our website and never be sold or be available to other customers again.

Regular Price
A "Regular Price" template can be sold repeatedly to other customers. It means that other customers may have already purchased the template and that future customers will be able to purchase the same template after you.


What is your return policy?

Since ProMedTemplates.com is offering non-tangible irrevocable digital goods, we do not issue refunds on templates once the purchase has been made. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this before purchasing any items from our website.

What software do you recommend for making or editing HTML?

We recommend Macromedia Dreamweaver

What is the best place to find photos/images to customize my template?

We recommend you to purchase images from istockphoto.com and or shutterstock.com.

Can ProMedTemplates.com help me to edit and or customize my template?

Absolutely! ProMedTemplates.com offers additional services to help you with just about anything. We can help modify the design, add flash animation, content management (CMS) integration and custom written content.

What if i don't find a template that I like, can ProMedTemplates help with a custom website?

You bet! ProMedTemplates.com offers custom website design and custom web development services to help you get that unique look and feel your looking for. Click here to learn more about other services we offer.

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